Renovation of the neoclassical house of Marinos Kalligas (Villa Lilli) and conversion of it into a shipping company headquarters (Arapco) in Kifissia, Attica. This old mansion, built on an area of about 0.5 hectares in the central avenue of Kifissia, was completely abandoned. It has been completely renovated and modernized in terms of the building [...]


Renovation and interior remodeling of a former bank branch into an office space of security systems. The focal point of the design was the desire for a pleasant work space, which would provide the necessary privacy, while simultaneously ensuring the seamless cooperation of the departments.

Anixis tennis club


Study and supervision of sports facilities in Anixi, Attica. Six tennis courts, a 5x5 football field and a leisure pool compose a sports and decompression area. The two-storey building houses the changing rooms and the organizational support, as well as indoor fitness, leisure and dining areas, in a constant dialectic with the outside. The complex [...]

Residence complex in Ag.Stefanos


Complex of four maisonettes with basements. Inspiration for the designing of the residential complex "Ampeli" (vineyard) came from a wider family, with tight relationships. Thus, four individual residencies were constructed, each one adapted to the needs and character of the respective family. The complex's main purpose was to combine joint life with each family's autonomy, [...]

Two-storey residence in Ag.Stefanos


Two-storey residence with basement and outdoor pool,in Ag.Stefanos Its main strict volume of the ground floor houses large living quarters, in direct contact with the outdoors environment. The bedrooms are concentrated on the first floor, in lighter volumes, in combination with semi-outdoor zones and outdoor spaces. The result is emphasized by doric architectural features. Study-Supervision-Superintendence: [...]

Two-storey Residence in Drosia


Two-storey residence with basement,in Drosia, Attica. The building was designed with neoclassical features, as requested by the owner, and with underground parking spaces. The tightness of the plot lead us to seek for a solution to maximize outdoor spaces and lighting. Thus, the given surfaces required for the functions of the particular residence were fully [...]

Haris Cotton


Four-storey professional-craft premises, with basement, in Metamorfosi, Attica. The productive body-as for designing, production and sales of garments- and headquarters of the company is hosted in this building. The quality design and production of the company's clothing required a building of high standards of aesthetic functionality and safety. Study-Supervision: 2002-2003

Addition to an existing two-storey house


Additional elevation and flat extension over an existing two-storey residence, together with the addition of an elevator, in Drosia, Attica. The original building, a two storey residence, combined with the additions, was transformed into three whole-floor apartments. During this conversion, our concern was safety and functionality, as well as, the aesthetic alignment of the addition [...]



Four-storey business place in Metamorfosi, Attica.This Doric-style building is used as the base of the 3GUYS company, combining spaces for designing, producing and marketing of clothing. At the same time, the headquarters of the company and a showroom are, also, hosted in this building. The teracce has been designed to serve as a summer-night showroom [...]

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