Our Technical Office was established in 1985, in a privately-owned office space,in the centre of the city of Agios Stefanos Attikis, by the civil engineers Mystiliadis Ioannis and Karvela Alexandra. In 2014, the civil engineer Mystiliadi Anastasia joined our team. Also, as permanent collaborators, Architects Hidireoglou Emmy and Kozyri Maria have been our partners since 2000, and 2003, respectively.

Over the years, our office has established a network of scientific collaborators in various fields (topographers, mechanical engineers, etc.) to respond responsibly and globally to every technical challenge. At the same time, it has distinguished a set of reliable technical associates to ensure the precise and qualified execution of the proposed solutions.

Our team is primarily active in the field of a wide range of building projects, emphasizing on integrated design of high requirements, thorough study and strict and diligent supervision. At the same time, the extensive experience and continuous training of our staff, on scientific, legislative and construction updates, makes our team a trusted technical consultant throughout the lifespan of a project but also for the evaluation and upgrading of your real estate.

Our Projects